Members of the disciplinary committee(2015-16):

  1. Prof.Dr.Annapurna Das, Advisor
  2. Prof.Dr.S.K.Sen, Chairperson
  3. Mr. Sisir Mazumder, Convener
  4. Mr.Adhish Kumar Chakraborty, Member
  5. Prof.Dr. A.K Mondal ,Head(ECE), Member
  6. Ms.Sucharita Chakraborty, Head(ASH) , Member
  7. Mr.Sudip Kuila, Head(AEIE) , Member
  8. Ms.Srabani Kundu, Head(CSE) , Member
  9. Ms. Baishakhi Das, Head(IT) , Member
  10. Mr.Animesh Kar, Head(CA) , Member
  11. Ms.Debasgruti Ganguly, Head(BHM) , Member
  12. Chinmoy Ghosh, ASH(Mathematics) , Member
  13. Mr.Kaushik Pal, Faculty-ECE) , Member
  14. Dr.Sucharita Bhattacharya, Faculty,ASH, Member
  15. Dr. Kakali Bandopadhyay, Faculty,FT, Member
  16. Ms. Paromita Banerjee,Faculty(AEIE) , Member


Objectives and functions of the disciplinary committee:

    1. The disciplinary committee will act towards ensuring discipline among all the members of Guru Nanak Institute of Technology, within the operational framework of the institute, so that a culture of discipline is maintained and the reputation and goodwill prevails in all spheres of Institutional activities.
    2. Wherever an act of indiscipline is brought to the notice of the committee, the committee will enquire into the incident, take cognizance of the matter and intervene, whenever the need arises, in finding the amicable solution to the problem and also recommend disciplinary action/s , if required, to the competent authority, so that further occurrence of such indiscipline activities is discouraged in the future.
    3. The committee will meet at least twice in a year to discuss general issues concerning improvement of discipline and ambiance in the Institute Campus.
    4. In addition to periodical meetings, the committee might convene meeting or form enquiry committee, whenever an extraordinary case of interpersonal conflicts / indiscipline arises in the domain of Institutional academic activities.