Application No. Year of Patent Filing Title Dept
201931049881 2019-20 Agro photovoltaic system (APV) – Efficient land use for proficient agriculture AEIE
201931049882 2019-20 System Identification and Modeling Approach to Identify Diseases Using EMG signal Classification AEIE
201931049883 2019-20 Anti-Puncture System for Light Weight Motor Vehicle (APSLWMV) CSE
201931049884 2019-20 Communication with Dynamic Arm Motion using Fuzzy Control Algorithm for Housekeeping CSE
201931049885 2019-20 SFC-Smart Food Container with ATQMS-Auto Taste and Quality Measurement System CSE
201931049888 2019-20 Automated categorization of posts based on comments and emojis using novel Post Ranker and Post Prediction Model CSE
201931049886 2019-20 Mobile Controlled Microcontroller based Four in One Pain Soothing Combo Belt that comprising of PROM-Pain-Relief-Ointment-Massager and MRV-Muscle-Reluctant-Vibrator after providing WCHFT-Warm-Cool-Hydro-Fomentation-Therapy. CSE
201931049887 2019-20 Microcontroller Based Mobile Controlled Smart B(boil)-S(slice)-C(crush)-M(mix) Quadra Combo Jar for preparing Homemade fruit based delicious Firni-Kheer Dessert CSE
201931049897 2019-20 A coplanar waveguide (CPW) fed annular ring Array antenna with high bandwidth for wireless communication application ECE
201931049898 2019-20 Automatic Patrolling Machine ECE
201931049899 2019-20 n-QCM-D sensor ECE
201931049900 2019-20 Software Controlled Smart Sealed Valve Regulated Lead–acid Moveable Battery(120-240Ah) ECE
201931049901 2019-20 Green Power Generation for Rural Development ECE
201931049902 2019-20 Fire Fighting System EE
201931049903 2019-20 Design of  Exo-arm for physically disabled persons EE
201931049904 2019-20 Mobile Car Robots Control Using a Tripple Axis Magnetometer EE
201931049917 2019-20 IOT and ML based AC and DC voltage controlling and electrical parameter measurement EE
201931049918 2019-20 Design and Development of Biometrically secured, Real-Time and Low-Cost Electronic Voting Machine (EVM) EE
201931049919 2019-20 A Working Prototype of Smart Solar Air Cooler with Auto Water refill and high Air-Quality Index (AQI) Features. EE
201931049920 2019-20 Corn pith: A potential source of  polyphenols and dietary  fibre in food fortification FT
201931049921 2019-20 Phyto - Pearls: Microencapsulated  starch  beads enriched in natural antioxidants FT
201931049922 2019-20 Radio Controlled Unmanned Derrick IT
201931049923 2019-20 Astute Trash Barrel IT